The year 2018 is coming to a close and a lot has happened over the past year. There have been incursions, excursions, NAPLAN tests, Book Week, sporting carnivals, school-wide challenges, fundraisers, assemblies, buddy sessions and so much more.
To celebrate the year, Room 12 students had their end of year class party this week. Students and their parents did an outstanding job of bringing in a selection of yummy foods to share. I am particularly impressed with the students who made treats all by themselves. There was so much food and the party turned into a gigantic feast. Well done to everyone involved.
Earlier this week, students participated in the Year 5 Presentation Dance Party, held at Camp Wattle Grove. A big congratulations to Rafi for receiving the book award for academic excellence, and to Iraj for receiving the certificate. A big congratulations also to Koulah for winning the hip-hop dancing award, and to the students who received dance scholarships. It is clear that stude…

Block 2 Buddies

Over the past two weeks, the Year 5 students from Room 12 and the Year 1 students from Room 10 participated in "buddy" sessions. Activities included reading books to each other, building and creating with different materials and solving puzzles together.

The sessions were a huge success for all, with a lot gained. Thank you to the Room 10 students and to Mrs Beste for your collaboration.

End of Year Activities

It has been a busy few weeks, with swimming lessons and dance practice. The end of year is fast approaching, with a few important events happening next week.

Year 5 Presentation Dance Party

On Tuesday 11 December, students will be attending the Year 5 Presentation Dance Party at Camp Wattle Grove. Students have been practising their dancing each week, and are keen to showcase their talents on the day.

Room 12 Class Party

On Wednesday 12 December, Room 12 will be having a class party, to celebrate the year. Students are asked to bring a plate of food, and/or drink to share.

End of Year Reports 

Student reports will be sent home on Wednesday 12 December.

Last Day for Students

That the last day at school for students is Thursday 13 December.

End of Term 3

It's the end of Term 3, with school holidays starting next week. It has been a busy, fun-filled term.  Highlights have included Book Week, athletics carnivals, Learning Journeys and incursions. Term 4 promises to be just as busy, with dancing, swimming lessons and much more.
Learning Journeys
A special thank you to the parents who attended the Learning Journeys this week. It was great to see so many parents attending, and I'm sure the students were thrilled to have you there.
Life Education Van Incursion
Room 12 recently attended the Life Education Van incursion, which was on the topic of "Relate, Respect and Connect". The feedback from students has been excellent. Students typed up their experiences, and a few of their reports are included as part of this blog post.
School Holidays
Wishing all the students and their families an enjoyable break. Note that Term 4 commences for students on Monday 8 October 2018.
Ms Agathangelou

Student Reporters: Life Education Van Incurs…

Book Week Parade

Book Week Parade 2018

This week, the whole school celebrated Book Week.  The highlight was the Wattle Grove Primary School Book Week Parade. All of the students in Room 12 dressed up for the occasion, which is an impressive effort. The costumes looked fantastic too.  Well done to the students and to the parents who helped with the preparation.

Book Week 2018

Next week, we are celebrating Book Week. The theme for this year is "Find Your Treasure".

Speaking and Listening Task

All students will need to give a 3-5 minute oral presentation that encourages other students to LOVE reading. They may choose to speak about a favourite character, story or research their favourite author. Presentations need to be both engaging and informative.

Book Week Parade

The school's Book Week Parade is scheduled for Friday 24 August. Students are encouraged to dress up in a Book Week costume.

Literacy Pro

Room 12 has now exceeded a reading total of 3 million words. Congratulations to all students for contributing to this milestone. Keep up the good work, and keep on reading.